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You need serious mental health help

First off, there is no reference in the article to drinking ANY type of alcohol.

Secondly, what has socially playing cards got to do with squat? What's next? Are you going to start screaming that playing card games with your frineds is the cause of all the world's ills? Hey, maybe we can include playing card games along with computer/video games and demand that such activity be banned too! After all, playing card games is "interactive".

You know what it really looks like? Someone actually said that the use of a gun as a solution to a verbal confrontation was a stupid, idiotic idea and you apparently think that it IS a wonderful solution so, why not make some idiotic comment to divert attention away from your clear support of violent responses to non-violent confrontations.

Really, someone needs to identify you and warn your family and friends that you are a mentally disturbed sociopath and may very well be a threat to others. Even local authorities need to be warned about about you. Someone with such an attitude is a clear and present danger to others.


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