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Welcome back, Andy!

Haven't seen you in a long time. Finally paroled from the rubber room, after your annual tune-up?

Here is the exact quote from the article: "He said the use of a gun is NEVER justified." (Emphasis added)

Now, I know that you are absolutely terrified of violence, but there are many occasions when the use of a firearm **is** justified. That's why we have a standing army. That's why we arm police officers. That's why people keep firearms in their home, or get licensed to carry one.

Now if Mister Hicks had said that "Using a gun to settle a score while Shady Grady, Bubba, Slick Skillet and I are playing cards and polishing off a few bottles of NightTrain Express," I'd have to agree with him.

As one who is alive because on more than one occasion when I needed a firearm, I had one, I must disagree that using a gun is never justified.

Good luck and I hope the new meds work.


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