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I don't understand why people feel entitled to live in an urban area that is adjacent to an existing city and obviously exists because of that city and not think that they should be required to to help pay for the government and infrastructure that keeps the entire urban area a thriving, growing, pleasant place to live. The reason NC has forced annexation laws is because if our cities were only allowed to annex if people voted for it, no city in our state would ever grow again. You could build a brick wall around the current city limits and it would stay there forever. If given a choice, people will always vote to remain PARASITES of the city. People only see city council and the mayor as greedy pigs coming after their money, but the reality is just the opposite. Those in urbanized areas of the county are the parasites of the city. Freeloaders. It's only fair to annex them and make them pay their share. Nobody is forcing them to live in an urban area. They are perfectly free to move out into rural Sampson County or elsewhere. As a graduate student in Geography who is taking urban planning classes, I can tell you that NC's annexation laws have helped our cities remain some of the healthiest in the nation. We have an excellent bond rating, and most of our city boundaries coincide with the actual urbanized areas of our cities. Let's keep our ability for our cities to grow and look at this argument in the right perspective. PEOPLE LIKE LIVING IN OUR CITIES, THEY JUST FEEL ENTITLED TO BE ABLE TO DO IT FOR FREE AND LET OTHER PEOPLE PAY FOR IT!!!


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