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No, actually,

Sounds like I hit a nerve, officer...

Yeah, I got a ticket once from one of your cohorts (maybe even you) for having my car stereo too loud. Only problem was I didn't have a stereo in the car. I stand by my statements. They haven't beaten me in court. Ever.

You think you can pigeonhole me with the degenerate drunks on the boardwalk but the fact is I am a family man (with all my teeth thank you) who rarely drinks at the bars. They like to pull me over usually going to or from work, and always seem pissed I'm not drinking.

Fools need to keep their mouths shut? It's a message board you twit my mouth is shut...

So, "guest461", howsabout taking your fingers off your keyboard and placing them back to their usual position in your smart ass. That is unless you have a bush to go hide behind.


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