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Who are you to question?!?!

G-E-K,You seem like someone who should probably rethink what you are saying here!!If you weren't there, then you have no idea what this young man was asked to do,or what was said or done!!Why cast doubt on someone simply because of age!!People make stupid decisions when faced with emergency situations,including police officers!!It would make sense because THEY don't want to mess up their uniforms,and someone AT the beach would be properly attired to go in and drag the shark to shore,which is understandable in a "protect and serve" kind of way!!They would have wanted to remove the threat,and that is understandable,however what is not understandable is lying about it to cover your tail!!Don't tarnish this young man's image to make it look good!!The truth will prevail,sir and when it does I expect to see an apology from you and the officers involved,understood?-This young man had no reason to lie about the incident and was just enjoying the beach,the officers however,were on duty-Think about it!!


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