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Time to cut the strings to the puppets. Son like Father. I think they should start investigating Our EX-Sheriff now. I'm sure there is a long list of things that they could put together on Ex Sheriff. Just find one of the good old boys and pay him he will talk. Why in the world would Ex Sheriff Retire from Power and the run for County Commissioner.He must of not like some of the things that had been put in place by the new Sheriff that he picked. The new Sheriff is bucking the Good old boys. Also take note that the new Sheriff was probably given the job on the understanding that he would up hold Ex Sheriff wish list until election. New Hanover County Motto should be " I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine". This is just a reflection on what's to come for our future. The Good old boy's have children but as you can tell they are not that smart! They must have not pay attention to there fathers. The only people that understand what going on are the ones in control. The people of New Hanover County nothing will change unless you open your mouths and start asking questions. Take that the people that are posting comments about Ex Sheriff or his Family are 1) Related to him 2) are some how surrounded by him. This just plain and simple "ORGANIZED CRIME". The money seized from drug bust under Ex Sheriff.I'm sure he is not hurting for money. What does it take to be a Drug officer fo New Hanover County Sheriff Department? Never question anyone you work with,Best secret is the one never told and last I will scatch your back if you scratch mine.HMMMM!Please don't take this that I'm againist LAW ENFORCEMENT. I'm all for a officer that realise that him or her Eat,Sleeps & Breaths like everyone else and doesn't hide behind a badge.New Hanover County has some of the best Officer serving at the department today but they are serving in the wrong areas and guess what you will probably never get to meet them!!! We had Rupublican officer that had to switch his party to Democrat to become Sheriff. Why is that?? Why doesn't the PUBLIC hear this kind of stuff.Well, what you don't know won't hurt you! I hope some of you chew on this and don't spit out. I from Wilmington and lived hear all my life. I never have been in trouble with the law so please keep those comments if any to your self. I beleive if you do a crime you should do the time. I'm from a Family of Law Enforcement and I'm just speaking from the heart. I remember the time that when I was a kid going up to NCSHP troop in a store and saying Sir I won't to be just like you!! Looking back to that day that is something I do not regret but wish I still had the same filling today. People are not born as a criminal but are tought by watching others. So I'm signing off & for Ex Sheriff you have already have done your time so sit back & teach others not to follow in you FOOT STEPS!!


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