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Causey politics? Far from it.

BC did what he did (scamming banks in mortgage loans) because he believed he could get away with it. Why would he think that? Why did it take ten years for someone to finally get up the nerve to charge him? You think any local official would charge him? The DA? Local FBI? No it took the IRS, same way they got Capone. Why did he do it? BECAUSE HE COULD GET AWAY WITH IT!

Sid Causey did away with a couple of Brian's DWI tickets, dont believe me ask a cop.

If BC doesnt go to prison there is no justice. This IRS charge is serious, the FBI needs to step in now.

And I know how BC was raised, I used to date him. He is arrogant and cocky and KNOWS he can get away with anything, just like his dad.

This is not about politics, this is about a criminal who basically robbed a bank. Next time you think about justice, imagine if Brian Causey was a black man. Yes Brian Causey didnt use a gun, but who cares, he still robbed a bank.

Ten years in prison should do the trick, if not, let every prisoner out that wrote a bad check or used someone else's credit card. Let them all go.


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