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At least you are impartial

So many things to comment on from your post.

I asked a cop about the alleged DWI charges and he said, "how would I know?" So that really did not help much. When were these charges? Dates? Arresting officers names? Without these details or any details for that matter this is just talk. I would like to find out more about how to make DWI paperwork disapear. You would need to involve at least one clerk and that does not seem like a good idea.

I'm not frieds with BC but he has always been nice to me. He seems more quiet and reserved than arrogant and cocky. I do know he has dated some nut jobs so I'm not surprised you two went out. Your attitude makes me believe he may have hurt your feelings when you two split. I'm sure it hurts now but time will heal your wounds.

Why bring race into this? What does "imagine BC was a black man" have to do with anything? BC will pay the full restitution in the hundreds of thousands. Do you think the feds would have set restitution higher for a black man? You are RACIST to bring this up.

Armed robery is very different than fraud.

I imagine Brian has been saving for years to be able to pay what ever fines are imposed on him. I know he has lived a very modest lifestyle for many years. Does this pattern of behavior sould like a raving criminal?

Finnally, ADA's hardly ever put people in jail for using someones credit card or writing bad checks, but why would you like them all released? Are your friends in jail for writing bad checks?


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