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Stanley Williams Jr. &

Stanley Williams Jr. & Cynthia Greer & Henry Blake & Daniel and Alford Rooks....all of them were charged last yr for the same thing. Does the last name Rooks ring a bell...Brian got caught with Adam Rooks..Adam Rooks and Alford and was a family business. Tyron Ford...also charged with Brian...Tyrone and Stanley worked together for years at Chase Mortgage here in town..also known as Dylan Mortgage. Then they worked for Freedom Mortgage also here in town. Henry Blake was the appraiser who appraised just about every home all these boys were doing loans for. Daniel and Alford Rooks were the developers of the land they put the homes on. Adam was the loan officer who helped get the loans for these people so his family could get paid...Cynthia was the paralegal who helped close all these loans knowing they were bad loans. Stanley is serving about 5 yrs in Butner Correctional. Cynthia got a plea deal. Henry took a plea. Not sure about the Rooks. They may be serving time but I'm sure they didn't get enough time. This went on for yrs and yrs..It just took forever for the FEDS or IRS or whoever to catch Stanley and his crew. Brian and his crew went down because Stanley or one of his "friends" rolled over for a better deal.
I think they all should have to serve the max for what they did. None of them should get a plea deal. Oh and what they say each pocketed from the loans...that's bull..these boys got paid way more..someone needs to do their math again..That HUD statement may say one thing but none of these boys would work for pocket change like has been stated--there was a lot of side money in all this. If there wasn't then why would they do it for yrs and yrs.


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