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It just REEKS

This whole ordeal just reeks of censorship, specifically in the area of government. We are CITIZENS, we are NOT subjects. The media should NOT be restricting citizens from government proceedings, therefore all media outlets should be allowed access to this. Also, any body, such as the Chamber of Commerce, whose actions will both affect and be affected by government, should NOT be given carte blanche to decide what the citizens receive. The claim made by Majure-Rhett that they did not think other media outlets would not be interested is simply ludicrous. Also, I think WECT's unwillingness to "accommodate" the request to allow other media outlets to join is revolting. After all...who is sponsoring this event? Is it the CoC? Or is it WECT? Since WECT obviously gets to dictate who can and who cannot be a part of this, clearly WECT is in charge and the CoC is their puppet.

Way to take the high road, guys. As usual, you've once again proven my solid belief that the media are merely henchmen out to service the highest bidder.


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