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They're talking

about housing 138 families. But then they also talk about 1,320 individuals. That's almost 10 individuals per family on average.

Are they serious? Are they planning to shoot a reality show similar to that one with 19 kids & counting?

Even if all the units are 4 bedroom units, how do you house up to 10 people in one unit? And that's an average number; I guess some families have more and some have fewer.

Is WHA fostering a production line for future entitlement takers when it forecasts that many people? 10 people on average per housing unit. Are they serious?

So why waste resources on 2 bedroom units? Why not make them all 4 bedroom units?

And why not undertake a Habitat for Humanity approach? Let the future residents do some sweat equity time at the property. They may not be electricians or plumbers, but they can cut grass; clean up construction debris; spread paint; and so forth.

With a net tax grant of $9,100,000 that works out to almost $66,000 per family housing unit.

What steps are they going to take to mandate that occupants display some pride of occupancy? Will they be required to maintain the grounds when construction is completed? Will the City police the community and take dealers and thugs into custody? Will WHA monitor the parking lot and inquire into the ownership of the SUVs and other luxury vehicles which often appear?

Has anyone caught on this great thing is coming out of the hide of the dwindling number of tax payers? Sooner or later, the tax paying carcass rolls over and kicks its feet in the air as the final breath of life is entitled out of it.


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