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How does the Rhino Club's

How does the Rhino Club's owner feel he is being "targeted"? This very article states that a fight occured at "City Limits" as well as two outside "Rhino"... Several weeks ago fight incident at the Slice of Life location was reported.

Fights do happen in large crowds of heavily intoxicated people as the police statement concluding the article says.

In fairness to Mr. Tobin and his venue it is good to see that the police have commented positively on his efforts to adopt safety measures for his patrons and the public.

Maybe the problem isn't with the establishment owner at all. The problem is excessive regulation by municipal authorities. If there weren't a mandatory 2am shut down of all establishments there wouldn't be a massive introduction of heavily intoxicated folks onto the downtown sidewalks (and streets and highways).

Let the owners decide how late they desire their establishments should remain open and serving. The patrons will get tired and want to go home sometime.

Commissions, authorities, boards and organizations have not solved the problem. Give the free market and the inherent good sense of the people a chance to solve this problem. Why not try it, it could work.


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