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If the club is the problem

If the club is the problem then why are you in that club?? Seems like you might be in the same category as everyone else is that goes there.. And the one in one out line is bc of fire code.. If you have a problem with the line then maybe you shouldnt pay your money to go in. How in the world are 3 to 4 staff memebers working the door and on the pation suppose to control a crowd of 50 to 100 people leaving DIFFERENT clubs.. And the Lt of the police department say his cops are "scared for their life when they work down there" haha this is a joke.. Once again i believe the wilmington police department needs to stop being so lazy and actually patrol in front of these clubs instead of letting the fight start and then breaking it up..and how can you say that the owner lets people in that dont know how to behave?!? You can say that about every bar downtown that has a fight.. Level 5, good fellas, olive or twist, liquid room.. The list goes on.. All in all this just comes back to the lack of law enforcement we have patroling the streets downtown


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