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Good thought; but tell me

what does the Security Person do when someone armed refuses to turn over his piece -- and let's face it no one in their right mind will relinquish a firearm or serious knife to someone unknown? Do you allow the person to enter or face the possibility that you the security person may face the weapon if you deny entry.

Now add cattle prods to metal detector wands and you may have something there.

But sooner or later, this club will lose its liability insurance and the building owner will face a daunting challenge.

Maybe that's the route to go. Put the pressure on the building owner to control what happens there. The only problem will be if the building owner and club operator are one and the same.

Another option might be to bring the Big Cats over from Trbenko's Zoo and allow them to begin street patrol 15 minutes after the club closes. Addresses several issues.


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