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Another Back Seat Driver

To: SurfCityTom, I've read all your posts throughout the site and I'm glad to see you are still complaining about stuff that you will never do anything about. This is a big problem downtown and it needs to be addressed with serious solutions, and not with advice from someone who obviously doesn't know anything about the bar and restaurant industry. Releasing cats from a zoo (although a joke), tells me you dont have any real solutions, you just like to sit in the safety of your home and comment on people and things that have nothing to do with you. You are a true patriotic blogging hero, and I can't wait to read your advice on solving the recession and world peace. They are both big problems that might require something bigger than cats though. This fight happened in the parking lot across the street where their cars are. I'm no expert like SCT, but if I had to guess, that's probably where the weapons came from. Does it matter where their drinking? I imagine people are drinking and doing drugs their too, so if SCT wants to patrol that area, I bet it would help with the problem and then maybe he can get on the real news instead of a chat room.


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