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Problems with voting groups

I live in Bladen County and I feel that these groups should be banned. They are paid tons of money to endorse individuals who do not care about the real issues of Bladen County they just want the title, publicity, and power that comes with the position. Everyday we hear that by voting we are expressing our opinions and letting our voices be heard, but they are not. Real candidates are pushed to the side because the refuse to play the game and pay out lots of money so they have no chance of being elected. I know for a fact that the people mentioned in the article, such as Nikki Dennis and Eric Bryan brought votes. My next door neighbor was paid and provided a van to go around and get people to vote for them, and hand out those sample ballots that were already marked with their names. Pamela Huff and Rex Gore, honest, hardworking, dependable candidates, never stood a chance in the past race due to these voting groups. I am truly ashamed to call Bladen County my home due to the way this town is being ran. Elections are supposed to be based on the right person for the job who cares about this county and wants to make it better. We now see that elections are about how much money you are willing to pay people to vote for you. This may be legal, but it is far from honest. Will this ever change, will someone step up and clear up this terrible mess?


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