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Bladen County Campaign Tactics Questioned

Interesting article. Looks like it works based on the last election. At least 2 out of 3 times. What is the point here? There have always been people in every community who hold considerable sway when it comes to how people vote. If one is running for political office, one would be a dummy if they did not meet these people and try to solicit their help in an upcoming election (notice I said solicit not buy). Funny that the chairman of the electins board over in Bladen County did not mention another candidate in the last election that had some pretty big dollar people in his camp. Sad to say but the almighty dollar speaks when election day approaches. God help the people down in Bladen County that this upcoming election will be the beginning of the end for the good ole boy politics that has plagued our elections in the past.

Moral or legal? If the chairman of the board of elections in Bladen County wants to talk about this issue; then he needs to start with the current sheriff department situation in his county. Only a dummy would believe it was morally right for the current interim sheriff to do what he did to the five deputies that he refused to swear back in when he took office. Legally, he was certainly within his rights. So the moral of this story is that what is legally right is not morally right. Anybody with any kind of conscience knows this.

So, where do we go from here? First and foremost, each individual voter must make up in his or her own mind who to vote for in any election. Each voter when approached by anyone trying to buy their vote needs to report it to the board of elections immediately. Each voter must go into that voting booth alone without any help from anyone to cast their vote. Each voter needs to demand that no ballots will be made avaiable to the voting public until each one sees it in the booth when they vote. To get this good ole boy politics thrown out the proverbial window will require that we the voters contact our elected legistators and demand that the general statutes of our state be updated and brought into the 21 century. If they are not willing to do it then bring them back home at the next election and put someone up in Raleigh that will do it. Better yet, just go ahead and make sure the first general statute that is updated is the one that relates to the terms spent in office and that should be two terms. The statute relating to the sheriff (NCGS 162) should state that if the county commissioners have to appoint an interim sheriff then they also have the right to fire the interim sheriff. The elected sheriff, by the vote of the people, can be fired every four years by us the voters.

One other thing on who to vote for in any election. If two candidates are running and one has black hair and one has red hair; and because I have red hair I vote for the red hair candidate I AM WRONG. What if I am a black voter and two black candidates are running and one is dark complected but the other is is light complected and I vote for the light complected bacause I am light complected I AM WRONG. So the truth of the matter is this, that if a black candidate and a white candidate are running for the same office and because I am black I vote for the black candidate I AM WRONG. For our sake and the sake of our cities, counties, states, and our nation; let us as voters begin on November 2 a new day in politics and vote based on the qualifictions of the candidates. That is unless you take advantage of the early voting and by that I do not mean to go out and try to vote twice, THAT IS THE GOOD OLE MAN OR WOMAN politics method. God bless each of us as we cast our votes and God bless those who are elected that they will govern MORALLY AND LEGALLY but always morally first of all.


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