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Within the last 5 years this Board of Commissioners has made the headlines with their "Soap Opera" dramas over and over. Does anyone else see a pattern? I have no knowledge of the events in question, I only speak to the innapropiate public arena they choose to air their immature and downright unprofessional behaviors.

I am a resident of Pender COunty and over these recent years I have painfully watched Mr. Brown embarrase himself. I have attended board meetings and witnessed these gentelmen behave in obsurd ways including temper tantrums, staged ambushes of county leadership and uneducated attempts to manipluate the media for thei
r own agenda.

Mr. Williams has in the past seemed to watch the drama unfold and stay under the radar. His counterparts shake things up and jump into personnell issues with both feet and power complexes, while he manages to keep his oppinions in closed session. Unfortunatly he stands accountable for the reputation they have made for the Pender County Board of Commissioners- so I think he might want to reign in this obsurd behavior before they all become puppets to the internal politics of employee relations.

I hope we can get more "business minded & behaved" indiviuals to represent the county. This personnell issue should never be played out in the headlines where fact isnt required for print. Allegations and name calling are sensational and fun for readers. I'm not a fan of the health director Dr. Griffith -but for the sake of principle he should have been delt with following protocall and professionalism not in this embarrasing manner. I would bet he would still be retireing but maybe they wouldnt have scared off any professional serious canidates from seeking employement in that circus of a government.


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