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Ok so is that ignorance or

Ok so is that ignorance or just smart. Does anyone have a family that has never been on trouble?
No. So do you hold what people has done that long ago against them? I hope not. That's equal rights. Jon David has little people skills and has no idea how to prosecute. Butch has been on both sides prosecution and defense he knows the areas that needs improving and has no problem doing so. Do y'all want somebody who is going to be a dash dog like Jon David that all he does is sit there and bob his head yes? Or do you want A MAN that is going to stand up for the victims and put the wrong doers behind bars? Are you going to vote for someone that ride on the shirt tail of his brother or are you going to be for the one that stands on his own two feet? If you vote Jon David then these counties are going to be in worse shape than they already are lets get our counties back if you VOTE POPE then say Goooodbye to bent politicians and crime and hello to the start of a new and order filled county. That was a cheap shot Jon just like you 5 min TV interview. Try again slick. VOTE POPE......

Thank you,


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