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Dude, you got a couple of good ideas wrapped in the rantings of an illiterate.

Let's start with this: You asked "does anyone have a family that has never been on trouble?" (of course you meant in trouble)

You wrote "no."

Step up son; get out of your small world. There are whole families and wide neighborhoods where the citizens have not had run-ins with the law. Some of them have never even been in a courthouse.

Me, I laugh every time I drive by that courthouse square and thank the maker that I don't have to park and go in. I laugh at those milling around outside.

Seriously, is that how people dress these days to represent themselves in court? You might want to at least take off your precious raggedy a/s/s Budweiser hat with the brim all frayed and the sweat stains running from one side to the other. Ugh, Uck!


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