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The truth

You seem really defensive, Brandon. Isn't it interesting that when your candidate makes a mistake that you resort to negativity against his opponent. That's part of what is wrong in this country today. Rather than focusing on the issues, we have candidates who think it's better to buy votes and their supporters who start name calling. Let's set the record straight, because some of what you said is just plain wrong. First of all, Butch Pope has never been a prosecutor. I'm not sure what makes you believe that he will be a champion of victim's rights. Butch represents the same people that he now says he wants to save our community from, like drug dealers, rapists and murderers. The fact is, Butch is a life-long criminal defense attorney and Jon is a career prosecutor. Here's another fact for you. Jon has been a prosecutor longer than his brother, he's not riding anyone's shirt tails. Jon David has his own reputation as a kick-butt prosecutor and everybody knows it. I'm sorry you don't like his "style." I'll tell you who else hates his style and that's criminals. That's because he's been kicking their butts for years! It's time that we have true change in Bladen County, Vote Jon David!!!


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