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what? who cares about a stupid shark?

Do you think FOR A SECOND that 99% of us give a s#$% about a shark in these hard economic times? I think people are more concerned with their next meal, jobs, annexation, higher taxes etc than a stupid shark that BEACHED ITSELF because it was on its last breaths of life. In case you dont know, sharks DO NOT beach themselves unless about to die...and even then its rare. No WAY 2 kids "caught it by hand in the shallows" and dragged it up on the beach, so to answer your idiotic question, it wasnt healthy.

Also...maybe if you quit doing things that caused you to have run ins with police, you wouldnt have the issues youre having with them. Ive never had anything more than a ticket and Ive been around this area 25+ yrs...and the CB police are so much more than lenient with the people on the north end that its not even funny. You sound like another whiney, "do as I say not as I do" wacko that this town has become full of. Get a grip and worry about something tangible, not an animal/ planet that has been here four and a half billion years...way before humans were.


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