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Help Out The Beleagured School Systems??

what a joke.

Rather than focus on performance based compensation, they throw more money at a problem. Look at the records. They have consistently failed.

Rather than focus on forcing parents to be accountable for the disruptive beahvior of their children who prevent other children from taking advantage of the education process, let's throw some more money at the problem and hope it goes away.

Let's get the teachers PDAs because someone thinks that will solve the problem.

Linda -- before you call me out, get a job. Pay taxes. Be accountable for the success of your business which allows others to have jobs and support their families. Work in an environment where you make budget goals or your employees do not get paid and their families suffer.

When schools start acting like a business; when they have to achieve success for their students or face job loss, come see me.

We don't have the problems in Pender County which are apparently present in Brunswick County.

Could be we don't have citizens like LelandLinda who are always ready to take the taxpayers' money and use it for whatever the day's warm and fuzzy cause is.


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