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Transpo dud!

Wow! A lot of rhetoric, but no substance. I’ll address some of your comments directly:

“You are going to hear all the negative comments from people who do not want Wilmington to develop. These are the same people who aren't for any other improvements to our city other than the benefit of their own pockets.” Unlike you, I’m a native. I do want to see my city grow and flourish and am simply one of many that don’t agree with this huge waste of taxpayer dollars. The money can be better spent elsewhere.

“This type of transportation hub is in every major city in the world.” Sounds good, but that’s absolutely false. Not even our state capital Raleigh has one.

“If you could get to Wilmington and get around without needing a car this would be a wonderful thing.” You can! Start by selling you car. The rest of us that can will choose to drive.

“Easy to use public transportation is a necessity.” Ours is easy to use. You go to a bus stop and get on the bus. Need a taxi? Call one and it’ll pick you up wherever you are and take you where ever you want to go. Couldn’t be much simpler.

“The public transportation set up here is marginal at best.” The city bus system is provided as service to those without transportation. It’s not a right, it’s a service. Most people ride the bus because they don’t have a car, not to save the environment or cut down on traffic. Give the people riding the bus a car and they’d never set foot on a bus again. Just ask them.

“I wish that we could use the European model of public transportation here in the U.S.” Which is what? They don’t drive cars over there and everyone rides a bus? Again, more rhetoric. We’re not in Europe, we’re in Wilmington, NC. If you like it better there, what can I say?

A few additional comments:

Mr. Eby states that we need to spend the money so people waiting for a bus don’t have to stand in the rain. Use an umbrella like the rest of us.

A dirty little secret Mr. Eby had rather not be known is that WAVE ridership has been on the decline in recent years, even though the routes were extended out into the county. Mr Eby is more interested in empire building than the welfare of taxpayers in New Hanover county.

Ask Mr. Eby and Ms. Padgett about their vote to spend $40,000 on a statue at the other WAVE transfer station? Another unforgivable example of government waste and excess.

These multi modal hubs are no more than the most current fad in wasteful government spending. Wonder why our roads are so poor? NCDOT needs to get back on track. Our country has spent itself into a hole we may very well never cover from. When are these politicians going to realize taxpayers are not a bottomless pit? The few last years should serve as a wakeup call to all of us that this kind of pork spending to has to come to an end.


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