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Oh Guest

why is it so many wish to use the term negative when the real issue is reality.

Reality, the young man could not gain admission to UNC. He was accepted at Alabama. Way back when that was anounced, I wished the young man well and suggested he grow a thick skin as football is a business at Alabama. You succeed on and off the field or you're gone.

Reality, for whatever reason, Alabama could not allow him to suit up or practice. Nor, apparently, could they, or would they, work to get a Pell Grant and some scholarship money for him to remain on campus until the qualification issue was resolved.

Reality, ECU took advantage of the opportunity to have a first rate athlete join them. They did arrange the Pell Grant to enable him to attend college at little or no cost.

Chuckles, part of the problem in this country is that when facing reality, some fail to do so and resort to comments like negative.

I guess you're not alarmed at the trillions of debt which Washington has placed on the backs of the American taxpayers.

I guess the billions of debt which the Easley and Perduc administrations have placed on the North Carolina taxpayers and the $143,000,000 which the State begins paying annually on that debt does not alarm you.

That's reality too; but I guess in your mind it's better to call my comments negative rather than face reality and the burdens actions like these place on our future generations.


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