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Breazeale is a FOOL with a capital F

Breazeale, you are a fool! You lost to a better man, and you just can't let it go, can you? And the worst part is, you claim to be Republican but your antics put us all in a bad light by party association. Why don't you stop lying about Pantano, and just admit you are democrat and have always been a democrat. What is your obsession with the man, anyway? I've never seen anyone so paranoid, delusional and self-destructive as you are with these rants about someone you don't even need to concern yourself with because you lost the race. It's over for you.

McIntyre wouldn't debate you in '08 because he thought you were a clown with no chance of winning. It's killing you still, isn't it? That's why you are so obsessed with Pantano, right?

Grow up! Get a life! And most of all, stop calling yourself a Christian because you display the most un-Christian behavior I think I have seen since John Edwards.

Oh, and by the way, staying in a union-job and staying in the guard to collect taxpayer money for your measly amount of time spent doing nothing of value that could easily be done by a civilian, does not make you a superior being. It makes you a union-loving, pension-loving, soak-the-taxpayer twit! Just the kind we need off our welfare rolls.

A real Republican
Jackie Meisner


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