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Hey Guest

re-read the post. The Police could not locate next of kin.

In that case, typically it falls to DSS or some other local government agency to step in and fund a "bare bones", no frills funeral. Normally, you'll find a "potters field" in the community where those without next of kin, and no resources to fund a funeral, are laid to rest in a pine box in an available plot.

Back in June, Wake County announced they could no longer fund pine wood boxes for indigent funerals. That was a sign of how tight they viewed the budgetary process. In years past they had averaged about 30 per year with an annual cost of $9,000 to the taxpayers.

Based upon your post, I would like to note this is not something that can be blamed on former President Bush.

I do not disgree that the Funeral Home has some responsibility.

But if stones are to be thrown, perhaps one should chuck a few at the Police Station and maybe the City Manager who normally receives a daily or weekly report of police actions and activities.

In this case, there should be enough stones to go around.

As to what this world is coming to, look at Washington. It's called Obama Economics. Look at Raleigh. It's called take all the Federal money you can get and give Palm Pilots to teachers so they can better track the dismal performance of low performing students, who will likely fail when their parents take no interest in their behavior at school, and ease the burden on the taxpayer and allow local government to have a few bucks for issues such as this.

Think about that when you vote in November; assuming you care enough to vote.


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