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That's a very offensive remark...

There are ways to express ones opinion about a matter without catergorizing an entire segment of people. The majority of parents desires the best education for their children, regardless of race or wealth. My husband and I (AfricanAmerican) parents of 3 children totally understand where these parents are coming from. We currently reside in Cary, NC and purchased our home so that our children would attend a particular school. We would both be devastated if our kids were redistrict to a low performing school and would do something about it. But to say that all people living within a certain district are all "ghetto" is simply racist (IMO). I was born and raised in Wilmington until 3 yrs ago. Some would consider my district to be not the best, but we made the best of it. I went to Williston and excelled there. I went on the New Hanover and excelled there. I went on to graduate from UNCW from Cameron School of Business. I do not consider myself "ghetto" nor should you stamp that label on anyone else.



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