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unsolved real problems

The parents and children affected by this are really daily dealing with this. For us working single parents, we do set up our lives around what logistically is correct. And when the school board comes in and changes it all around,it is just so unacceptable. They are not solving the real problem. If there are truly issues in the downtown schools, and troubled children are not getting the help they need, then moving them out, and others in will NEVER solve the problem. The board wants this to look good on paper, and rather than send in heavy reinforcements to those kids, and really help change their lives, they move everyone around like a checkers game. PLUS,What is up with this area of Carriage Hills, and why do they keep picking on this neighborhood. Notice Pine Valley across one street and Echo Farms on the other side of Carriage Hills does not ever get moved. Three middle school districts join on one street. Go back twenty years of redistricting and look at how they keep jerking this area around. That is where it gets political. The problems are not getting solved EVER, and this is really a headache, and not necessary. Hoggard is three miles away, but the high school is Hanover, now with Myrtle Grove being two miles away, they send the kids to Williston.
This is not the only area that this has happened to, but this is so they can turn in a balanced report to the state.


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