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Call a spade a spade

No one wants to say it. I guess I'll be that guy.

The bottom line is that failing inner-city students coupled with parents that milk the system with free lunch are having to be spread around to offset the costs to the schools. Conversley, well preforming gated community students who pay their way are being mixed into lower preforming schools. The short and tall of it is, not so much the black students but the Spanish students are forcing schools to change things around. It's ALL about offsetting monies paid to provide food and transportation for those who dont pay.

For instance, I went out and spent $130.00 on school supplies for my daughters. This is not including the new uniforms. We all know the list of materials we as parents are "required" to provide, right? I walked with my youngest to her class carring 3 bags of the "required" materials. Being one of the first in the class, I had the opertunity to wait and watch. NONE of the Spanish students brought anything! Only 2 of the black students brought anything! The teacher was livid to say the least and confided in me that SHE would have to make up the shortage. Unbelievable!

So lets call a spade a spade. As much as no one wants to to say it. We give entirely too much to those who milk the system. And, as much as we who are forced to support these failing schools would like to say it's because of the black students, it's not. We are now over run with Spanish students who speak little English and drag the rest of the students(black and white)down. We can no longer support the Spanish! Hold ALL parents accountable. In order to make the schools equal we need to equalize the parents!!!


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