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"part Muslim" What kind of statement is that?

I saw this story on the news last night and this A.M. and thought that this one thing should be addressed. Samantha Hackney stated that she was "part Muslim" in this story and that just sounds dumb! You see "Muslim" is not a race that one can be associated with. It is a religion! That would be like someone saying that they are part Christian, part Jewish or even part Hindu or Buddist. You can not be part anything when it comes to a faith, you are either all or none. When is the last time you have met a Muslim/Christian or anyone else along those lines? I am willing to bet never. I just think that before such an ignorant statement is aired or put into a story that someone should think about what is actually being said. That being said, be responsible in reporting and keep the ignorance to a minimum. People all over the world already think badly of Americans don't give them anymore reasons!


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