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It is unbelievable. These

It is unbelievable. These people are crazy. They are worried about people misunderstanding what some one says race, when in fact they are all a bunch of overt extremist. These people cannot see strait without lying. They want you to believe in islam, but if you dare show some intrest want to insult you right of the bat. No dating, no smoking, no drinking, you have to be a robot, by the way, even if you call your self muslim, these people in this mosque take it upon them self to say whether or not some one is, in other words, putting them self is ALLAHs position. They backbit about you, spread rummers and lies, they want to indocrintate people like they are in a cult, your only as valuable as you are profitable, they put your ass to work, if your not helping them financially your working like their slave, and charity, the only charity is for the richest assholes who think they deserve it, and they believe in throwing people away. Not to mention, fucking up peoples lives. Oh, they act like a bunch of high school students, that is how bad they gossip about people. They dont believe in covering up brothers scares they only believe in eating the flesh of his brother when he turns his back to him. Well unless you have money. Oh the hipicrisy, this is the hipocristy the ALqueda belive in and yes they do believe in VIOLENT JIHAD- they are violent with each other. Look how they treat each other. Dont believe me, try and go to the mosque. Take an escort with you. It wont take long before they insult you, I promise. That is what the religion is about. Oh I forgot the bragging part of the religion and the showing off part. These people make sure they don't miss a day with out that. They isolate new members to brain wash them, force them to pray, force them to fact, no it shouldn't come from the heart, its because they said too. Oh and patients is for the week, to be a real member of this mosque, you should be hasty and harsh with others. Its a requirement. Dont believe me just try and join them. Girls are not allowed to talk to boys, not even look at them, let alone, act like civilized human beings. And when they say ALLAHUAkbar it means I am goin g to kill you, at least in my mind- with my evil eye and hate you damn Kaffirs. That is the doctrine of the Mosque and islamic community of Wilmington NC.


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