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New Mosque in Wilmington, NC

Firstly, one should know Islam in able to criticise it. I know it well and they are a "Theocracy". *(Please, look up that word: 1: government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided. 2: a state governed by a theocracy.) This is "not" protected by the Constitution of the United States of America in the least. For this is, in truth, a governing body which means to spread within all Nation's own Governments, like a cancer eating from within, until the host Nation is dead and only Islam is left. The Koran, once truly known by The People should be banned, not spread across the Nation as if it were a book of peaceful teachings. Many Nations have fallen and became Islamic o're these many centuries. Learn your history upon which these facts are based, as evidence to their intent. These are brutal theocratic invaders of the worst kind imaginable who live on lies and deception. Once accepted they quickly populate and convert. Slaughtering and enslaving all the rest. This is proven. They were the ones who first captured and enslaved the very people who later became American slaves. Very few whites could afford ownership of slaves and there were actually very few slaves in number. The Arabic word "ABED-ahbehd" has two meanings; black and slave to further show this. Muslims always build mosques upon sites they consider conquered. The word Rabat means a "recruitment fortress", which is really what the Mosque at Ground Zero is all about, for the Muslims never believe in having Christian type community centers. It's simply a ploy to achieve their agenda and further their true intended goals. There's much, much more to Islam than meets the eye of the infidel, for they know not of what they speak of. Sharia Law I have seen with my own eyes and it is not pretty, nor just, especially towards women. Remember this, for it is creeping into a neighborhood near you, as we speak. Islam is spread by violence and threats and the first thing they do is to obtain ways to create hate crime laws to be established wherever they settle in the world. For they know you will not like them once you truly get a taste of who they really are and by establishing these hate crime laws they are setting you up to be arrested for your justified dislike for their tyrannical, theocratic policies, which no doubt, goes against your own just laws and that of the intent of the U. S. Constitution! There's too much more to say about this.. Use common sense and you will be fine. Vote out all people who you deem unworthy to serve to straighten out many of your National woes. God Bless America and all of the Nations not yet part of the Islamic invasion.


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