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If the true plan was to make them bi-lingual....

...we could simply continue what worked for many, many years: Teaching one of several languages in high school. Whatever happened to "three years of a foreign language" as a requirement for an academic diploma? It was a routine that in ninth grade a student chose between Sanish, Latin, Italian, French, or German. Some schools even offered Russian.

I guess that went the way of history, economics, and phys ed. No time for those "unessential subjects." Plus, we can achieve higher test scores by eliminating the really hard subjects!

No, this has nothing to do with making the children bi-lingual. This has everything to do with welcoming our new amigos and helping the little anchor babies overcome the difficulties of growing up in a household where mom and dad "No hablan Ingles." Ten bucks says that before the end of the semester, they can all sing "Kumbaya" in Spanish! That's important....

Just more of our giving away America.


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