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Research shows that students who are in dual immersion programs are more likely to excel, both in school and later in life. It saddens me that parents would let ignorance and prejudice get in the way of their children learning another language and learning about other cultures. The rampant ignorance in this country is appalling and without programs like these our children will never grow to be understanding, open-minded, worldly adults.

Is your ignorance and prejudice so much that you would oppose your child being a part of a program that could benefit them greatly in their future? Does it terrify you so much that your child might learn a language that you don't speak?

This class was not created using more tax dollars, a Kindergarten class was needed for these 20 students and just happens to be a bilingual immersion one. The only reason everyone screams "THIS IS AMERICA, LEARN ENGLISH!!!" and other nonsense is because people fear the unknown and what is not familiar. There is a Mandarin-English program like this in Chapel Hill where students are learning Mandarin (Chinese) as a second language. Would it be better for all of you if your child learned a language that wasn't shared by our county's largest immigrant population? The ignorance of today's world will never cease to amaze me.

I feel sorry for those of you who have spent your sheltered lives living in this area without experiencing another culture. Wake up. It's 2010. Let's give our children the chance to grow up in a place where cultural diversity is embraced and where this disgusting cycle of ignorance can be broken with programs like these.

So what if your kid comes home saying "Hola" and "Como estás"? It was cuter when they only said it back to Dora sitting in front of the TV at home, right? What will the other moms think of your child speaking Spanish? Oh no! They might judge you! That is what it all boils down to right? Ignorance and prejudice are very strong and I see that sickening levels of both reek havoc still today.

To those of you that oppose this program due to your ignorance and prejudice: Get a clue.


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