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..and those countries are SOOOO important!

Your child would do far better learning to speak Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, or even French if you are truly concerned about your child's success in the coming years. Despite NAFTA, Central America "ain't all that." That's why they want to come here - most are Third World ratholes! (Remember, too, that the BIG player in South America speaks Portugese.)

No...the not-so-secret goal is to make the United States a welcome haven for the invaders from the South. In addition to helping those anchor babies, you want to brainwash the native children at an early age. Teach them to accept the invasion as simply a natural course of human events. If you indoctrinate them in kindergarten, then by the time they are learning about our Constitution and the legal path to citizenship, they can reject our laws, outright. In your children's generation, will there evem BE borders?

(Of cours, if your child has expressed an interest in law enforcement, learning to speak Spanish would provide a useful career tool.)


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