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I believe in a quality education ,but

I think this is done for the wrong reasons as we all know we have been INVADED for years now from south of the border. To stop or slow it down they signed NAFTA into being. That has actually made it worse in Mexico and therefore we are stuck with more ILLEGALS!

NAFTA calls for our signs and instructions on packaging to be in SPANISH as well as English and in some cases French. We now CATER ourselves to these ILLEGALS. If you don't believe do some research on all the laws they break and even get away with since THEY DO NOT WANT TO UPSET THE HISPANIC COMMUNITIES.

ENGLISH, is more then just the USA. It is spoken in about 109 countries and as official languages. Most business in the world is carried out in ENGLISH.

Anguilla Ireland, Northern Singapore
Antigua and Barbuda Ireland, Republic of Solomon Islands
Australia Jamaica South Africa
Bahamas Kenya Swaziland
Barbados Lesotho Tanzania
Belize Liberia Tonga
Bermuda Malawi Trinidad and Tobago
Botswana Malta Turks and Caicos Islands
British Virgin Islands Mauritius Uganda
Cameroon Montserrat United Kingdom
Canada (except Quebec) Namibia Vanuatu
Cayman Islands New Zealand Wales
Dominica Nigeria Zambia
England Papua New Guinea Zimbabwe
Fiji St. Kitts and Nevis
Gambia St. Lucia
Ghana St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Gibraltar Scotland
Grenada Seychelles
Guyana Sierra Leone

AND I DO NOT believe in the hyphenated American
Either you are or you are not American

Time to STOP all the benefits and catering to ILLEGALS in this country. See if you get all this in MEXICO (for instance)


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