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Dear whoever you are, You

Dear whoever you are,

You think that by teaching our American children a different language, we are catering to ILLEGALS (why you have it capitalized I may never know)? Well, that makes a whole lot of sense... NOT... since EVERY spanish speaking person in this world is ILLEGAL right?

Why don't you try to see it from a more optimistic vantage point, in that maybe we are preparing the children for far greater opportunitities down the road. It's so much bigger than ILLEGALS here in our own country. Yes 109 countries may speak english (so you say), but 21 speak spanish:

•Costa Rica
•Dominican Republic
•El Salvador
•Equatorial Guinea
•Puerto Rico

Do you think because there are simply more nations that use english, that should be the only one we teach our students? You'll see that most of the nation's mentioned above are in South America, which as a whole has one of the quickest growing economies in the world. Especially now with the economy in the state it is, after having Obama and his socialist outreaches, don't you maybe think it best to give the children every possible benefit? Go ask ANY employer, and when given the choice between a monolingual person and a bilingual person, they will hire the bilingual one, no questions.

I understand that maybe you think we are being INVADED by illegal immigrants (which really isn't the case). Trust me, I'm sure you and I have the very same level of patriotism, if mine isn't higher. But to base the entire spanish language, or any other language, around a select few or a minority of representation is to make Americans look closed minded and ignorant. But, I'm sure your closed mindedness comes from your background. I'm willing to bet that little international travel has been attempted and that you are only fluent in one language. My argument is coming from someone who has lived in and visited several countries in South American and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish as well.

Do you see at least where I am coming from?


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