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First of all English is NOT

First of all English is NOT the official language of the US, WE DON'T HAVE ONE. I agree people should try and learn English when they move here because it is the most common language but if you are so offended by your 8th grader learning basic spanish that most kids forget soon after the course is over then imagine how other people feel when you tell them they shouldn't be able to live here if they don't speek English... That's hurtful some people have been through a lot and have a right to be in this country. Why do we have a right to live here and not them if they go about it leagally which MANY people do! We cannot and should not bully people out of this country, we all immegrated here at some point or another. Learning a second language improves cognitive development... it's not like everyone is going to learn spanish and then suddenly forget English. I've taken many classes I haven't liked or wanted to take... that's life. And what will never stop? This isn't Avatar, Spanish speekers aren't going to come in and destroy our mother tree.


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