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I agree with the Mayor 100%.Some people who want this sky-way have something to gain.Why do I say this? One reason is they built the Martin King high-way to by-pass W[lmington (AROUND MARKET STREET},then they come in with a bright idea to build another by-pass around Wilmington and call in I0140 by-pass.Now you have two of the best roads around Wilmington,and the CITY wants to put a main hi-way thur the heart of town.I believe if you put in the rest of I-140 you would do away with people going thur Leland.If our so called D.O.T. would check out where these people they would find out that they live on the other side of Leland where the I-140 would serve them ,and would stay away from hi-way 17.I also agree with the Mayor ==FIX WHAT YOU GOT BEFORE YOU MAKE ANOTHER MESS WITH ANOYHER BOTTLE NECK----THANKS FOR HEARING ME OUT ALTON DAVIS AT SNEE FARMS


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