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Im his mother

I am his mother....1st of all was he harmed...i understand he is a boy but there is no difference in sex when it comes to a 36 yr old having sex with a 13yr old. i had to take my son for std's & hiv testing. i try to teach my children to wait for sex. all the while his father was behind my back doing the total opposite. my son was just begining puberty. he looked like a early teen. there was no mistaking him for an older teen. his father had been molesting boys since he was 15...never caught before! planned this whole thing. he tried to buy other prostitutes but they had morals & scruples...they said no. he was too young.but he ultimately found a whore that wanted $160.00 she rendered her services got paid & left. yes randy watched...too make sure he got his money worth! randy is a sick bastard. he needs mental help. NO randy will never see my children again. when you are convicted of aid & abet statutory rape against your own children you loose complete parental rights & i will make damn sure of that!!! i found out the D.A.'s office was reducing the charges & i asked the tv news & newspaper to come. they did & now maybe someone will see her & will remember who she is & what she did.
she has to register as a sex offender... well basically for her whole life cuz she was old when she raped my son.& im very happy of that. who knows how many other young people she has had sex with for $$$$. she said herself she has been a prostitute & drug addict for 20 yrs!!! so now tell me she dont belong behind bars.

thank you all for watching this video

oh & also even tho her name is janice amanda allgood i believe she goes by "amy" but her whore name is "dare" also i believe she graduated from hoggard. so she is from wilmington!!


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