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I know this will start a

I know this will start a firestorm of controversy, but here goes: Early teens having sex is nothing new. It happens all the time. It has more to do with the development of the male/female body than laws governing when a human being can become sexually active. When the hormones start to jump, things will happen. Laws and religion will take a back seat to reality and nature. Maturity is different for everyone and to put a certain age for all to abide by is ridiculous. I don't advocate children having children, as our society is not geared for this. Maybe years ago, it might have been, but not any more. However, the human body still functions the same as when man first walked the earth, the rules have changed, but not man. Truth be known, the boy is probably strutting around like a Peacock. Sometimes we need to forget about the rules that others have set down for us to follow and at least think outside the box. The father should not have been sent to jail. He did not commit a violent act. He is no danger to anyone. He should be working and paying taxes instead of society paying his upkeep for years. The hooker was given false information and did nothing "knowingly" wrong. Why ruin her life?


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