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"He did not commit a violent

"He did not commit a violent act."
However, he did break the law, and for that he pays.

"The hooker was given false information and did nothing "knowingly" wrong."
First, what does that mean, knowingly wrong?
Second, why is knowingly in quotation marks? Are you quoting somebody?
Third, SHE’S A HOOKER; of course she knowingly did something wrong. Does she not know that prostitution is illegal? Not to mention that part about not ruining her life, as if the right side of the law had anything to do with it.

Further, if one reads between the lines, you seem to be saying that a young man will have sex if that's what he wants; however, a parent does not act as a pimp for his boy to be a man. Let the boy discover it himself on his terms.

Think before you write; think again before you submit. You know what you meant to say, but that's not what you said.


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