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Good ole boy

Mike brags about his voting record, and he keeps claiming he constantly votes against Pelosi and her bunch of crooks in Washington. Mike, explain to me why you are always one of the last ones to vote. Why do you wait until the Democrats have enough votes to win before casting your vote? I believe you know the people of NC are getting fed up with Pelosi and the rest of the crooks in Washington. They know you are sitting on the fence, too scared to vote early because you may not be re-elected. So you wait until the Dem's have enough votes to pass their agenda, then you vote no, which makes you look good to the blind NC voters, but by waiting to vote last, if the Dem's need your vote to win, they know they can count on you. So tell me, would a yankee that would vote against the crooks that have always been in office be better for the job, or would a two faced good ole boy that lies out of both sides of his mouth be best? Mike, you just might join all the rest of the unemployed here in NC in the near future. It might be a good idea to practice up on that Wal-Mart greeting, ya hear?


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