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Ok, why are we bashing people for this??

This is not a case of neglect, abuse or mistreatment of our children.
ADES ain't out to have our kids attacked by snakes, gators, bobcats or any other critters that might pop up...Apparently there is a snake issue(ok, it happens, we live in Columbus Cty)but the school "Is taking Action". It's not as if they are neglecting the issue. But it does seem as if this is a case of people not having anything better to do than to call WWAY and start "DRAMA"!!! Ridiclious...I guess it's hard to imagine that people around here would want to do that:D lol.....but if you want to bring attention to an issue, what about the circus of a parking lot and drop off area.....Oh well, guess thats pretty insignificant........but on the other hand kids can always wear snake chaps to school;)!!! Jokes aside, hopefully the school will do whatever is necessary to handle the situation and I am a firm believer that Janet Hedrick has nothing but the best intentions for "Our Children", and if you don't believe that then you "Ain't too Smart Ur Self"!!!!!!! Peace.


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