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I've got great news people,

I've got great news people, there is no such thing as a "poisonous" snake! I do this thing called learning at UNCW and we talk about all kinds of things such as
1)It's called venom because the proteins are too large to be absorbed through the cellular lining of the skin or GI tract. Therefore, the bite is important to deliver the venom.

2)If your child is bitten then statistics say your kid was the dumb one we always here about on TV (and from Jeff Foxworthy "Hey Y'all, watch this") and tried to pick it up.

3)In the event you kid gets bit by a corn snake the treatment will be rubbing alcohol on the bite, neosporin and a band-aide. Whether you choose to do this yourself or pay the really high fees at the emergency room all depends on your capability of working a band-aide (the hardest part).

4)Being anal does not make you a better parent, being smart does.


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