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Why Stop At Snakes?

I would shut the school down until school officials can guarantee me that they have eradicated ("killed" for you rednecks out there) 100% of the spiders in the school. You can't tell me that they haven't found spiders in that school over the summer. But have you heard one word about it? NO! And why? Just another example of a government cover up probably perpetrated ("planned" for you RNs out there) by Democrats. Even if all the spiders found were "non-pisenus, that doesn't mean that Black Widders and Brown Recloosers ain't in there, y'all." As for skeeters, don't even get me started. Don't send your child to that school until they've hunted down every last skeeter that could be carrying malaria, West Nile virus or even AIDS they got from some Democrat's blood. In fact, don't send your child to that, or any other school ever again. That way they'll be just as ignorant as you when they grow up... unless, of course, they die young cause they got bit by cousin Cooter who's probably carrying enough e-coli bacteria in his mouth to kill a village.


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