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To the elite and high and mighty one that referred to Columbus County people as rednecks..... let me tell you something, we rednecks hold down jobs, buy houses and pay taxes just as someone of your "status". Imagine that a "Columbus County" citizen such as myself can actually hold down a job in New Hanover County. Wow!!! They allow a redneck girl to cross that bridge via a ford truck. Redneck, yeah, I will wear that name proudly! I don't mind waiting for goats to cross the road when they "getaloose" from the neighbors fence. I'd rather look at a goat acrossin the road than look in my rearview mirror {if I had one, I think the neighbors mule head butted it and knocked it off last Saturday} at an "idioit" such as yourself. We may be country bumpkins to someone of your "caliber" but we don't like snakes, the only good snake is a dead snake and we want them killed. Yes, we live in the country and we by all means expect to see snakes outside, but, this redneck gal consulted with cousin Cooter rite before he pulled my two front teeth under grandmas oak tree and he sayed that even though we live in the country and we aint near as smart as you city folk that we got rights too, and that our youngans and them there teachers has a right to feel safe in the skool house. We don't want snakes in a public building....period. Maybe cousin Timmy will round sumofem up and drop them off in your car over the weekend and see what you think of one of them 6ft corn snakes crawling over the foot of your 10 year old child as she rides in the Escalade on the way to school! Sounds like to us "reds" in Columbus County that you are one of them der dum democrats thats waiting on the change Obama brought. Talk about ignorance..... you are as stupid as the snake that the janitor killed the other day. Watch how you talk to us "reds" we ain't nearly as dumb as we look. Just because our school is in the "sticks" doesn't mean that we should have to put up with snakes inside the building. Let some of the "powers that be" spot a shark at Wrightsville Beach.... beautiful creature in its own habitat..... the waters are cleared.... no swimming. Numerous snakes in a school and some idiot like you wants out children to share space with them. What cabbage truck did you fall off of? Go hug a tree in the mall parking lot and leave us alone! WE WILL GETERDONE!!!!! MWS


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