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Please stop saying poisonous

Please stop saying poisonous or non-poisonous. Snakes are either venomous or non-venomous. There is a such thing as a deadly non-venomous snake, they are called constrictors, and considering the fact that there are 4-year old children attending ADES, a constictor could really hurt them. Please think twice before you put someone else down, you can't help where you come from. But what you can help is what you do with your life. I live in Columbus County & have all my life. For those of you who think people from Columbus County are dumb or stupid, I happen to have one of the smartest kids in North Carolina living in my house. Smarter than 97% of the rest of them. And I know plenty more children in Columbus County that are ranked just as high. There are dumb/stupid people everywhere & when you start putting other people down because of where they are from, you really start to show how dumb/stupid you are.


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