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You see, you just proved my point...

I'm proud of you for holding down a job. But your ramblings just prove my point to a tee. Narrow-minded, reactionary folk such as yourself, and others who have posted their comments here, don't care about facts and logic. First of all, because I write clear sentences with no typos and grammatical mistakes such as are contained within your comments, you assume that I must be from the city. I am not! Next, you reference New Hanover County as if that's where I might live. I do not! You say that you hold down jobs and pay taxes just like someone of my status. What status is that? Or have you simply made another stupid assumption because I can write clearly and have a low opinion of people who write such rousing editorial as, "I've had it with these mo-f*in snakes in these mo-f*in schools" (see below) and then cites the Samuel L. Jackson historic documentary, "Snakes On A Plane" as clear, indisputable evidence of all snakes' ferocity. You see, I don't think less of you because you are "Country Bumpkins". My opinion of you is low because you make statements like, "The only good snake is a dead snake." That statement tells me that you are incapable of open-minded logic. Instead, you make sweeping statements that are supposed to cover all facts and situations. And, that, my dear Country Bumpkin, is so that you don't have to actually think about the circumstances or the facts because doing so hurts your little brain way too much. So, I hope that you eventually eradicate all the snakes, because then you can switch to the phrase, "The only good rat is a dead rat." As to how I would feel about "one of them 6ft corn snakes crawling over the foot of your 10 year old child", it wouldn't bother me at all. You see, I educated my children about snakes so that they would not have an ignorant, irrational fear of snakes. In fact, my 3-year old daughter regularly handled a 7-foot Bull Snake without "distressin" at all. Finally, you mention my Escalade because, again, you have made an ignorant assumption that because I can think clearly, I must own a luxury off-road vehicle. In fact, I drive a 1995 Ford Ranger. Sometimes I even drive it across bridges, just like you do. Oh, one more thing. You never addressed my fear that if one spider can get into the school, then the school probably has Black Widows and Brown Recluses sneaking in as well. I've seen them both do a lot more damage than a Corn Snake (even a ferocious one). Of course, I can assume that your answer will be something brilliant like, "The only good spider is a dead spider." Which , then brings me to the question of mosquito control. Without spiders, won't there be more mosquitos with potentially deadly diseases? While you try to wrap your head around that, I'll leave you with a phrase that should make your days more peaceful - not interrupted by the need to actually think about something. "The only good (fill in the uncomfortable topic here) is a dead (and again, please)."


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